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Welcome to Novus Jewellery Training

As a well known independent training provider since 2004, Novus educates students in the fundamentals 

of jewellery manufacturing and design.

  Geared towards hobbyists, freelancers, boot-strappers and entrepreneurs, our training programs are flexible 

and part-time, to fit around your budget and schedule. 

Our students learn skills and get practical experience that they can apply immediately. 

We currently offer only one-on-one beginner training at our studio in Lanseria.

In the beautiful Crocodile River Nature Reserve.

Contact us today to learn how to build a future with your own two hands.

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Meet your teacher:

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Hi there!, I am Sunette, and I have been making jewellery since 2001, and teaching jewellery making to beginners for the last 18 years.


Come and join me in my studio and learn all the beginner stuff, so you have:

*     The best foundation skills to build on

*    The confidence to go out there and learn more.

 *   Make the jewellery pieces you have been dreaming of!. 

You are going to be amazed at what you can make in a week!