Learn a lot in a short space of time

Learn as you have time and money

Book and pay for each module as you need them

Want to learn jewellery making, but don't have much time?

Want to learn part time? 

Do you only have Saturdays available? (Beginner course only)

OR, Can you manage to take 3-5 days off to learn? 

Our short courses have been designed to teach you the fundamentals in a short space of time with attention to the parts that matter the most.

After completing the modules/courses it is up to YOU to practice and refine these new skills to make your pieces stand out above the noise.

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels available 

You can complete the courses on a modular basis

Jewellery Techniques I


Our beginner course teaches you how to make jewellery from scratch.  No previous experience necessary

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Jewellery Techniques II


This intermediate level course is divided into modules that serves as an introduction to different areas of jewellery manufacturing

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Jewellery Techniques III


This advanced course focuses on Trade specific skills like Casting and Set work.

Also modular  

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